• 7 Intermediate Climbing Techniques To Learn

    In part one, we talked about seven basic climbing moves and what we use them for. Now, it’s time to expand the knowledge base a little more with intermediate climbing moves to help you consolidate or even push your grades.

    With anything, developing skills comes down to practice, failure and repetition, so don’t feel disheartened if you don’t pick it up straight away, I find personally that failure is more of an asset than a problem. In this portion of the knowledge base series, we will be looking at intermediate climbing moves but we will also look more into what our hands as well as what our feet should be doing. Continue reading

  • Why do we use climbing chalk?

    If you are new to the climbing world or have ever seen videos or images of people climbing, you may be curious as to why climbers are always dipping their hands into bags of climbing chalk. Well, to explain this strange ritual I have created a short blog to put your inquisitive minds at ease! Continue reading

  • 7 Bouldering & Climbing Moves For Beginners

    It didn’t take me long to catch the climbing bug after my first visit to a local climbing centre, I would say I was pretty much hooked on climbing from the get go and while back then doing the easy stuff was an intense challenge, my performance and ability improved significantly after I began learning to use my body to my advantage. Learning a handful of basic moves used during a climb helped me learn more about my body, my flexibility and what I can achieve through body shape and position.

    Continue reading

  • 5 Fun Tips On Training for Indoors Climbing

    When you’re new to climbing, the prospect of training can be daunting. You see the people who have been at the centre a while on the training area, doing endless pull ups and folding themselves in ways you didn’t think you could whilst hanging by their finger-tips, you know; serious fun. Training may get more elaborate as you progress, but it doesn’t start out that way. Don’t run before one can walk as they say, and it’s pretty good advice. In this article, I’ll talk about the things that helped me get stronger and fitter when I was starting out; and while I am by no means academically qualified, I have picked up my knowledge over the years of climbing through experience, researching and learning from other climbers and athletes.

    Continue reading

  • 7 Tips For Your First Time Climbing Outdoors

    Eventually, whether somebody is new to climbing or not, most climbers will venture outdoors onto real rock. If this is you, or soon to be you, you won’t regret it. Outdoor climbing offers so much more in climbing route variation, difficulty and skill learning, plus; the views are always worth the journey. If you’ve spent all of your time at indoor walls then the tips in this guide may be just what you need, climbing outside has differences and similarities to indoors so some things will be the same, others may be new to you. Either way, it’s time to play out!  Continue reading

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