• Plastic....still not so fantastic

    It’s been pretty much year to the day since we returned from our plastic ridden trip to the west coast of Scotland. After a long weekend bouldering and biking around the most westerly point on the British mainland, we came back with a fierce conviction to reduce our plastic usage and minimize our carbon footprint. We there and then made a public commitment to start making changes and to develop a much more planet friendly company.

    So here we are, we’ve just returned from this year’s trip to the same spot and we thought it about time we give everyone a quick update on the anti CO2, positive plastic action we’ve been taking over the last year.


    You may have noticed that biodegradable delivery packaging is one of the major changes we’ve managed to bring into effect recently. D2W is an additive that can be added to plastic during manufacture. It “accelerates the natural process of oxidation until the product is no longer a plastic, but a material which can be bio-assimilated.” This simply means that if the worst happens, and one of our bags misses the bin or doesn’t get recycled, and ends up floating around in the ocean, or flapping about in the branches of a tree, the bag will end up as food for fungi or bacteria, rather than ending up in the mouth of a turtle.

    Paper Packaging

    Biodegradable mail is a step we’re really proud of making. But for our actual product packaging we’re trying to go one better with compostable and recyclable brown paper or cardboard. All of our brushes and nut key removers already have this cardboard packaging, so we decided to go further and roll out similar packaging for our newer and most popular products, all replacing plastic. Obviously we do have some current stock with plastic packaging, which we are working through. But we have drawn a line under this. All our new stock of; chalk bags, rope bags, carabiners and loose chalk will be packaged in simple brown paper, which can easily be recycled or composted.

    Carbon Footprint

    As well as reducing the amount of plastic we’re responsible for at Psychi. We’re also making a concerted effort to reduce our overall carbon footprint. Over the last year we have dramatically reduced the amount of air freight shipments we use and consolidated our container shipments. This means we’re cutting down the CO2 with less trips between us and our suppliers. In tandem with this, we are looking to turn away from long haul shipments coming in from abroad. By turning to more local suppliers we can both support UK business and further minimize the amount of CO2 our shipments are responsible for. It’s a win, win for us, and although it’s a long process, we feel it’s a big step towards sustainability and a more eco-friendly way of providing really good equipment without costing the earth.

    Work still to be done

    Taking action against our consumption of single use plastic and reducing our carbon footprint is something we’re keen to continue here at Psychi. But we’re also concerned with the amount of litter that is still out there, finding its way through our river systems and into our oceans. Whenever we take a climbing trip somewhere, or go for a wander out into the hills, we always try and take away any litter we see with us, in an attempt to leave the area better than we found it. Which gave us an idea, why not get you lot involved as well! We’ve decided to run a new competition on Instagram where the Psychi community can send us pictures of their litter picking prowess. Be it a beach clean or filling a bag at the crag, we’ll be giving away prizes at random. So don’t be afraid to grab a crisp packet here and there and let us know about it!


  • Psychi's First Climbing Festival At Rockover, March 2019

    Late in 2018, there were discussions bouncing around Psychi HQ about the possibility of a Psychi Festival. We all loved the idea but were unsure what to include, whom to invite and generally, how to run such an event.

    We put some ideas on paper, spoke to our athletes and created a rough plan.


    Luckily for us, we have a fantastic relationship with the team over at Rockover Climbing in Manchester, home of the GB training Hub. We presented our idea to them and they were on-board immediately. A big shout out to Rockover, without them the day would not have been possible. If you’ve never visited, you should check them out! It’s a superb centre, with a huge range of facilities and some of the friendliest staff and customers around!


    We ran the Festival on the 10th of March 2018 and have already got plans in the pipeline for the second festival in autumn, 2019. We wanted to run the festival before the summer kicked off, after all, no one wants to be inside when the sun is shining! Keep your eyes peeled on our social channels for details of the next event!


    We liaised with all of our athletes and managed to get the majority in attendance on the day. It was great to have so many of the Psychi family together in one place. It is always great to catch up with the stalwart team members and also get to meet some of the new additions to the family!  The athletes ran workshops and coached throughout the day and it was great to see people being able to climb and train with GB team members.

    We sold out all 130 tickets and had a huge mix of ages and abilities attend.

    Thank you to everyone attended, the day was made such a success by you!


    • Dynamic movement.
    • Footwork, balance and stretching.
    • Warming up, basic climbing technique

    We ran 6 coaching workshops in total - Rachel Carr, Jen Wood, Hannah Smith and Daniel Smith ran the sessions and were all fully booked weeks before the event.

    We predicted this and as such had the rest of the athletes throughout the climbing centre, mingling and offering to coach to those that didn’t manage to get a workshop booked.


    We set 3 specific boulder problems around the centre. These ranged in grades and style and if they were topped, you were entered into a free prize draw. Prizes ranged from chalk to a Rockover 5 climb pass. Plenty of people topped the problems, congratulations to everyone who got some freebies.


    We ran a Psychi trade stand on the day with huge discounts on our full range as well as running a competition to win a Psychi Pad. The competition was £1 to enter and all proceeds were to be given to Edale mountain rescue, we matched the total amount raised. Thank you to everyone that entered. We announced the winner on the day and posted the Pad out to the lucky winner.


    We had a DJ (Lewis), a photographer (John Thornton) and videographer (Ellis Dagnall) on the day.

    See the gallery and video roundup below;


    • 130 tickets sold
    • 200+ people attended Rockover throughout the day
    • 250+ free chalk balls given away
    • 30 free beanies
    • 1 free bouldering pad
    • 3 Rockover climbing passes won
    • 134 teas
    • 105 coffees
    • 85 people took part in workshops

    Thank you to everyone that helped make the day such a roaring success!

    We look forward to seeing you all later this year for the next instalment of the Psychi Festival!

    If you want to come to the next one in October then why not sign up to our newsletter to be notified when tickets are out!

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