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  • A Rocky Road - A Rockland Saga - By Rachel Carr

    Rocklands is a place loved by many. It often brings such joy and amazement to those who visit, and rarely disappoints. For me however, it seems to hold a lot of pain and disappointment. It feels as though the place itself is out to get me or is constantly testing me and my love for climbing, to see whether my intentions are true, and I can only hope that after everything, I have proven my worth. Continue reading

  • Melloblocco vs Melloblocco on tour - Psychi sponsored athlete Federica Califano

    Melloblocco is an International climbing meeting which usually takes place every year, since 2004, in Val Masino and Val di Mello, in the north of Italy. During the various editions this event has reached more than 3000 climbers and 8000 participants that came from all over the world, and the interest of the most famous professional climbers and international sponsors, guarantees every year a significant increase in participants and activities offered. Continue reading

  • Mental Approach To Climbing - By Sponsored Athlete Kevin Shields

    Run out way above gear, hands sweating, heart racing, foot beginning to Elvis, groundfall potential, brain fighting to process everything, on a scary slab and you can’t just pull harder so what makes the difference???? Your mind……..

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  • Sponsored Athlete: Sarah Pashley Climbs In Briancon - Haut-Alps

    Sitting in the middle of a European summer heatwave thinking all is lost. Me and my partner Ash were starting to lose hope of a successful climbing trip due to the 40+ degrees. We had spent most of the summer in Magic Wood, which is usually a cool summer destination but even this was getting too hot to climb in. In despair, we messaged friends hoping that someone had a suggestion to avoid the extreme European heat. One of our friends mentioned Briancon, a relatively unknown area until the recent publication of the “Briancon Climbs” guide book by the Rolland family who bolted most of the routes in the area. Continue reading

  • Psychi Sponsored Climber Kevin Shields: Climbing In Scottish Highlands

    In a year full of hospital appointments for injury and ailments I’ve managed to get out and about in the Scottish Highlands when it’s not been raining. Unfortunately it’s been an exceptionally wet year even by Highland standards.

    The first good thing I did was a new route out at Lochailort. The climbing here suits me, slabby and bold giving a physical and mental challenge. Climbing new routes is what it’s all about for me these days. The whole journey from searching for crags and lines to cleaning them and figuring out the moves through to climbing and naming them, I just love it.

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  • Psychi Sponsored Climber Frederica: Passion Overcomes Limits

    One year is passed since I became a Lawyer.

    Yes, a Lawyer!

    It was 16 September 2016 when I was sitting in front of the State examinations team, trying to answer all their question, and when I heard: “Congratulation Miss Califano, You earned the title of Lawyer”, I felt like that moment when you are able to top a boulder problem you where trying for ages, doing all your best, dedicating all your time, and at the end, when you topped it, you can fell a kind of freedom and happiness, difficult to find in everyday goals.

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  • Sponsored Athlete Trip - Rachel Carr in Rocklands

    I recently returned from one of the best and worst trips I've ever had. I was lucky enough to spend the whole of July in Rocklands, South Africa, an experience I will never forget and a venue I will be returning to as often as possible. Continue reading

  • Falling In Love All Over Again - By Sponsored Athlete Rachel Carr

    rachelcarrFalling in love all over again.

    I’ve always been a very competitive person, which is not something I'm very proud of. I find it makes me compare myself to others far too much. Instead of using grades as my benchmark I've often used others, in competitions, in training and more recently outdoors. I have struggled to get past this competitive streak and become more at peace with my climbing. Only recently was I able to walk away from the addictive nature of comps and instead focus my attention outdoors. I had heard talks from people like Mina-Leslie Wujastyk about her journey from competitions to the outdoors and how it had completely changed her outlook. Although her strength to move away from it all inspired me, I had never considered that I would end up doing the same. It was only after completing my final year as a junior on the British team that I realised climbing outdoors might be an alternative option. Being on the team and competing in Europe meant that most if not all my holiday time at work was used in order to go to these comps, and at the time I saw no issue with that. Now that I'm using that time for trips that last weeks rather than days, and I'm walking away completely satisfied and happy every time, I realise that I may not have enjoyed competitions as much as I once thought. Continue reading

  • Our Athlete Joe Swales On Juggling Being A Climber Vs. Being A Student

    January this year (2017) was one of the busiest times of my university career. Having just received my first 3 month meso from coaches Tom and Dave at Insight climbing, it was nose to the grindstone, time to get STRONGER!! However, things were not as simple as they appeared. The uni had thought it would be a giggle to throw me 6 exams (like 6 parties but full of stress and anxiety rather than beer and fun), summing to a third of my entire degree. Great. Continue reading

  • World University Championships As Written By Our Sponsored Athlete Jennifer Wood

    With the recent addition of sport climbing to the 2020 Olympic Games schedule, combined events such as the University Internationals are a great way to get a taste of this new, proposed format. This year the World University Championships took place in Shanghai, China, a pretty exciting experience for all of us.

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