• Sponsored Athlete Connor Dickinson's Summer In Yangshuo Climbing Moon Hill

    This year was the first time I spent the summer in Yangshuo and with temperatures reaching to the high 30’s, (90+ degrees for those across the Atlantic), climbing conditions where not exactly what you would call ‘primo’.

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  • An Update From Our Sponsored Athelete, Joe Swales

    Joe SwalesBack to training. For a while now I’ve been looking to get back into competition climbing, it’s not that I ever left competitions but more I just had few opportunities to compete in them. After leaving the junior comp scene a couple of years back it almost appeared as though there weren’t as many comps for seniors as there were juniors, which to a certain extent is true. The junior comp scene offers several national comps a year, almost small milestones throughout the year to train for amongst different trips. However, when approaching senior comps, unless several local comps are enough to keep motivation high the big competitions are few and far between so if for any reason you can’t make one, the wait to the next one feels like an age. So although I still turned up to comps and tried hard, I never trained specifically for them, so in a way I wasn’t really as bothered. To further this, I feel like I had also forgotten why I was competing. I was competing because “I’m a comp climber” and “that’s my discipline, it’s what I do”, when really I needed time out of training and to just go climbing! I think it’s very easy to get caught up in training and phases and different cycles and lose sight of why we actually climb, train and compete. Continue reading

  • Our Athlete Rachel Carr Tests Her Limits At Font

    rachelcarrFont! It’s a uniquely beautiful place both in terms of its scenery and its climbing. Every time I leave, I know I need to return. My previous visits have always been rather short, a week at the most, but this year I planned for slightly longer trips to give myself a better chance at climbing hard; boy did I need it! At Easter I managed to climb my highest number of blocs yet, and managed to push my grade from 7B to 7C, and visit many new areas. I had an amazing trip with lots learned after getting to spend so much time on Font’s beautiful, testing sandstone. This October I hoped for the same!

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  • What is CrossFit?

    CrossFit is a fitness company, exercise style and competitive sport incorporating elements from high intensity interval training. This incorporates gymnastics, calisthenics and strongman. Strict CrossFit enthusiasts will follow ‘workouts of the day’. These are known as WODS. This tends to be following a three day on, one day off format but most gyms will run their own programming, incorporating strength and skill work.

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  • Welcome To Our New Blog!

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new blog!  Here we will be posting our latest health and exercise tips to help you get the most from your exercise regime.

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