Psychi Partners With The Foundation Of British Sport Climbing

As interest in climbing continues to grow across the country, it can often be dis-heartening to learn about the lack of available facilities and also the training available to those who are just starting out.

At Psychi, we understand this.

When we learned about the FBSC and what it could offer the community, we felt that their approach to providing support for amateur and elite athletes alike was an ethos that should be supported and promoted, and that’s why we provided £10,000 of funding to help the FBSC continue on their mission.

But who are the FBSC?

The Foundation of British Sports Climbing was founded in 2017, by a group of enthusiastic climbers who realised that there simply aren’t enough facilities and training sessions available to all of those who wish to learn more about the sport in the UK. To learn more about the FBSC, you can watch our video here.

While there are more affluent individuals who can afford private lessons, the vast majority of new climbers are in no position to do so – nor are they in a position to afford the majority of accessories necessary to get started.

So, wouldn’t it be great if an organisation was willing to provide these amenities and services to the climbing community without breaking the bank?

The FBSC charges members a mere £25 per year, and in return these members have unlimited access to all the training sessions they provide throughout the year held by seasoned professionals, and the ability to join a fledgling organisation at a grass roots level to help it expand and provide even more support to the community.

This support extends not just to those who are new to the sport, however, as the FBSC also helps professional athletes who are looking to further their career in the international world of climbing.

By supporting pro elite athletes, the profits made from the sponsorships from companies hoping to see their name emblazoned across well known stars of the UK climbing scene can be poured back into the FBSC, helping to provide further support and facilities to those who simply enjoy climbing for the love of the sport, and do not wish to compete on a professional level.

So, how will the partnership between the FBSC and Psychi help people like me?

After seeing the success enjoyed by the FBSC after the completion of the The Hub GB at Rockover Climbing in Manchester, we couldn’t help but see the potential.

The Hub GB opened in October 2017, and is one of the UK’s largest competitive walls – offering problems from V2 all the way to World Cup standards.

At 26m in length, this full-height competition wall has been used daily by those who wish to push themselves further than standard commercial climbing walls would allow. This wall, alongside the excellent monthly training sessions held by some of the biggest names in UK climbing has seen a huge increase in the size of the organisation…also helping to promote the hugely popular GB Titans competitions that are currently scheduled twice a year, where your can see the biggest names competing on some of the hardest routes.

Why should I consider joining the FSBC?

Psychi has always supported climbers of all ability levels, and will always do so. Moreover, knowing that we can provide support for our customers, while also helping the community to grow as a whole made a partnership with the FSBC inevitable.

The aim of the partnership is to help provide top-of-the-line training facilities and sessions for everyone from beginners to competitive professionals in multiple locations across the country, while also helping to promote British climbing and ensure that we remain competitive on the international stage.

We encourage anyone in the climbing community who wants to see an increase in the provision of elite facilities in areas where availability is currently limited to visit their website, register, and work with us to promote UK climbing at every level.

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