Psychi Sponsored Climber Federica: Passion Overcomes Limits

One year is passed since I became a Lawyer.

Yes, a Lawyer!

It was 16 September 2016 when I was sitting in front of the State examinations team, trying to answer all their question, and when I heard: “Congratulation Miss Califano, You earned the title of Lawyer”, I felt like that moment when you are able to top a boulder problem you where trying for ages, doing all your best, dedicating all your time, and at the end, when you topped it, you can fell a kind of freedom and happiness, difficult to find in everyday goals.

So……, one year is passed and now I am thinking about how full of news and things to do had been.

I started climbing 5 years ago in a very small outdoor climbing wall located in the village where I live, in Italy.

My first climbing year was fun. I was a University student so I had lot of free time for climbing and training. But everything became more difficult in the next years…..

By starting work my free time became not enough for climbing seriously. And so I had to think about something.

I have to explain that I live in a small village quite far from every climbing gym, the nearest one is about 60 km far and there are no boulder spots nearby. The only thing we had was this outdoor rope climbing wall, but we decided to do bouldering……..

We found a very small indoor climbing wall, maybe as big as a hamster cage, and so we began to training there. But after a year also this opportunity went away. The property closed the wall and we were, for the second time, without a place where to go climbing during week nights, after work.

By thinking, thinking and thinking we had an idea…..why do not create a training place in our house?

So it was, we built a really small pan Gullich, a training board and we put some holds on a small panel.

This is just to make you understand my “climbing situation”

But what I want to talk about is how can be difficult to find time for training and climbing when you are working.

How many times we come back home after work (I usually work till 6.30pm and have one hour driving home) and also if we fell very tired we go and train. I think this is true for every kind of sport, not just climbing but every sports in which you put passion.

Sometimes I felt like I just want to go to bed and sleep till the new day begin but, when I come back home after a day working in the office or in the Courthouse, I think about all my climbing projects, all the competition I want to do….and the light of passion turns on in me, I go downstairs in our little hamster cage and I begin my training.

In conclusion, I think that the people who climb but are not so lucky to be a professional climber and so have to work in some different areas, need to have that light inside. That passion that make us checking the weather forecast for the weekend during all the week in order to organized to go climbing outside, that make us competing with all the young guys or the professional climbers, knowing that we had no possibilities to win but fighting as it was the world cup finals (as in Italy also in the non professional competition most of the people competing are professional climbers) and that light which makes us training hard every day.

So at the end, in this last year, I understood that if you have a passion, it does not matter how many obstacle do you have ahead, you will overcomes all of them.

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