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How to Belay

*Disclaimer: This does not constitute certified climbing instruction. Belaying and climbing are dangerous activities ...

5 Tips To Improve Your Holiday Red pointing

 So you have booked your perfect climbing trip and you’re psyched! You have trained relentlessly at the climbing gym...

Psychi Partners With The Foundation Of British Sport Climbing

As interest in climbing continues to grow across the country, it can often be dis-heartening to learn about the l...

Plastic....still not so fantastic

It’s been pretty much year to the day since we returned from our plastic ridden trip to the west coast of Scotland. ...

Psychi's First Climbing Festival At Rockover, March 2019

Late in 2018, there were discussions bouncing around Psychi HQ about the possibility of a Psychi Festival. We all lov...

Participating In Bouldering World Cup's - By Jen Wood, Team GB & Psychi Athlete

After graduating from Sheffield University last summer I had put aside this year to train and compete almost full tim...

7 Intermediate Climbing Techniques To Learn

In part one, we talked about seven basic climbing moves and what we use them for. Now, it’s time to expand the knowle...

A Rocky Road - A Rockland Saga - By Rachel Carr

Rocklands is a place loved by many. It often brings such joy and amazement to those who visit, and rarely disappoints...

Why do we use climbing chalk?

If you are new to the climbing world or have ever seen videos or images of people climbing, you may be curious as to ...

Plastic Not So Fantastic... The Problem With Plastic Waste Pollution

Here at Psychi it’s our first day back from our ‘Beach Bouldering’ trip to the most westerly peninsular on the Britis...

Melloblocco vs Melloblocco on tour - Psychi sponsored athlete Federica Califano

Melloblocco is an International climbing meeting which usually takes place every year, since 2004, in Val Masino and ...

7 Bouldering & Climbing Moves For Beginners

It didn’t take me long to catch the climbing bug after my first visit to a local climbing centre. I'd say I was prett...
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