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Psychi Partners With The Foundation Of British Sport Climbing

As interest in climbing continues to grow across the country, it can often be dis-heartening to learn about the l...

Plastic....still not so fantastic

It’s been pretty much year to the day since we returned from our plastic ridden trip to the west coast of Scotland. ...

Participating In Bouldering World Cup's - By Jen Wood, Team GB & Psychi Athlete

After graduating from Sheffield University last summer I had put aside this year to train and compete almost full tim...

A Rocky Road - A Rockland Saga - By Rachel Carr

Rocklands is a place loved by many. It often brings such joy and amazement to those who visit, and rarely disappoints...

Melloblocco vs Melloblocco on tour - Psychi sponsored athlete Federica Califano

Melloblocco is an International climbing meeting which usually takes place every year, since 2004, in Val Masino and ...

Mental Approach To Climbing - By Sponsored Athlete Kevin Shields

Run out way above gear, hands sweating, heart racing, foot beginning to Elvis, groundfall potential, brain fighting t...

Sponsored Athlete: Sarah Pashley Climbs In Briancon - Haut-Alps

Sitting in the middle of a European summer heatwave thinking all is lost. Me and my partner Ash were starting to lose...

Psychi Sponsored Climber Kevin Shields: Climbing In Scottish Highlands

In a year full of hospital appointments  for injury and ailments I’ve managed to get out and about in the Scottish Hi...

Psychi Sponsored Climber Federica: Passion Overcomes Limits

One year is passed since I became a Lawyer. Yes, a Lawyer! It was 16 September 2016 when I was sitting in front of th...

Sponsored Athlete Trip - Rachel Carr in Rocklands

I recently returned from one of the best and worst trips I've ever had. I was lucky enough to spend the whole of July...

Falling In Love All Over Again - By Sponsored Athlete Rachel Carr

Falling in love all over again. I’ve always been a very competitive person, which is not something I'm very proud of....

Our Athlete Joe Swales On Juggling Being A Climber Vs. Being A Student

January this year (2017) was one of the busiest times of my university career. Having just received my first 3 month ...
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