How to Belay

*Disclaimer: This does not constitute certified climbing instruction. Belaying and climbing are dangerous activities ...

7 Intermediate Climbing Techniques To Learn

In part one, we talked about seven basic climbing moves and what we use them for. Now, it’s time to expand the knowle...

Why do we use climbing chalk?

If you are new to the climbing world or have ever seen videos or images of people climbing, you may be curious as to ...

7 Bouldering & Climbing Moves For Beginners

It didn’t take me long to catch the climbing bug after my first visit to a local climbing centre. I'd say I was prett...

5 Fun Tips On Training for Indoor Climbing

When you’re new to climbing, the prospect of training can be daunting. You see the people who have been at the centre...

7 Tips For Your First Time Climbing Outdoors

Eventually, whether somebody is new to climbing or not, most climbers will venture outdoors onto real rock. If this i...
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