What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness company, exercise style and competitive sport incorporating elements from high intensity interval training. This incorporates gymnastics, calisthenics and strongman. Strict CrossFit enthusiasts will follow ‘workouts of the day’. These are known as WODS. This tends to be following a three day on, one day off format but most gyms will run their own programming, incorporating strength and skill work.

What are the benefits?

CrossFit helps develop your all round fitness that includes metabolic conditioning and strength and skill and mobility.

> The ability to beat plateaus, > Better versatility and conditioning, > Help lose fat much quicker, > Faster results in a shorter amount of time, > A community that supports diets like an athlete.

Some compound movements to include in your WODs that will train large groups of muscles at once and burn calories are:

> Burpees > Snatches > Dips > Sit-ups > Push-ups > Hand stands > Squats > Cartwheels > Deadlifts >Bench press >Power cleans > Scales > Holds

Know your WODs

The best known workouts are named after girls! Cindy, Diane and Elizabeth are the best known or deceased soldiers, known as “The Hero Workouts”. The latter are usually vicious and a solid time on murph – 100 pull ups, 200 press ups and 300 squats, bookended by one mile runs is essential.


Newbies do the main stream WODS, but all the CrossFit enthusiasts use ‘every minute on the minute’, training to pack in work without compromising form. I would recommend picking two or three moves and setting a clock going and do your repetitions at the top of every minute. The quicker you move, the more recovery time you will have. Try with squats and dips.

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