What Is Liquid Chalk

Liquid Chalk is an advanced formula designed to enhance grip both on your hands and feet. Not only does it enable a stronger grip, but it lasts longer than other weaker forms of chalk and dries much faster and reduces sweat.

Some of the more commercial gyms ban chalk, however liquid chalk is permitted. This is because Liquid Chalk causes a lot less mess on equipment, unlike traditional chalk powder which leaves powder stains on clothing and surrounding areas. It also stops chalk from being inhaled like conventional gym chalk.


Sports It Can Be Used For

A strong and reliable grip can enhance performance in a variety of sports and activities, including: Climbing, Weight lifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Pole-fit and MMA. Knowing that your grip will not fail provides additional confidence, which can be a key contributor to optimum performance. When you are training or exercising you create sweat, the liquid chalk contributes to drying the sweat off your hands, hence why it is often used as gym chalk to ensure that you don’t lose control of heavy weights. It can also reduce tearing, dryness and calluses.


Try Our Liquid Chalk Today!

Psychi’s LiquidChalk is comprised of the highest quality Magnesium Carbonate and at the UK's lowest price – guaranteed. Our liquid chalk comes in 40ml with carabiner 50ml, 100ml and 200ml re-sealable plastic bottle.

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