Chalk Bags

Chalk Bags For Rock Climbing & Bouldering

We supply a wide range of chalk bags including smaller chalk bags and larger ones for bouldering. With a wide range of colours available we are sure you will find something that you will like.  We also supply spare climbing chalk bag waist straps if you need to replace yours.  We also supply rock climbing chalk bag starter packs that includes the chalk bag, brush and chalk. Don’t forget that we offer same day dispatch on all orders made before 4pm each day.

What to look for in a chalk bag

This depends if you are looking to boulder (climbing without ropes) or do traditional climbing.  A boulder bucket is slightly wider which makes it easier to get your hands in and generally doesn’t have a waist strap due to the climbs being shorter and therefore many climbers climb without it on their person.  Chalk bags for traditional climbing are generally not as wide and have a waist strap so climbers can keep their chalk on their person when scaling longer and higher climbs.  

Both kinds of chalk bags generally have a holder for a brush to rub excess chalk off holds and finger tape to protect your fingers.  This is handy in order to carry any accessories that you may require on your climb.  All chalk bags have a toggle on the top so that you can close up the chalk bag once you have finished so you can keep your chalk contained in transit. 

Also consider durability as your chalk bag will be with you for many years to come so be sure to buy a decent product that will stand the test of time!  Our chalk bags are reasonably priced but never compromise on quality so why not check out our chalk bags today - all orders have free delivery.

Why not also check out our climbing gear  including beanie hats, rope bags, bouldering mats, finger tape, climbing essentials and our very own climbing chalk.  

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Peak Premium Starter PackPeak Premium Starter Pack

Peak Premium Starter Pack

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Abyss Bouldering BucketAbyss Bouldering Bucket

Abyss Bouldering Bucket

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Peak Premium Chalk BagPeak Premium Chalk Bag

Peak Premium Chalk Bag

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Chalk Bag Chalk Bag

Chalk Bag

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Bouldering Chalk Bag Starter PackBouldering Chalk Bag Starter Pack

Bouldering Chalk Bag Starter Pack

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Climbing Starter BundleClimbing Starter Bundle

Climbing Starter Bundle

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