Gifts For Rock Climbers - Give The Best Rock Climbing Gifts!

Gifts for rock climbers can be tricky - if they are experience then the often have a lot of gear already and if they are just starting out, it’s easy to be unsure of what they already have!  Rock climbing gifts need not be expensive - below we have selected gifts to suit different budgets.  

Buying gifts for climbers if you are not a climber can be daunting.  Beanies are great for this climbing outdoors and indoors (climbing centres can be cold in the winter!), chalk bags can be handy if someone is just starting out climbing or if someone has one that is looking worn. They are handy for those that like to climb outdoors as they help them to find routes to climb. Finger tape are popular gifts for rock climbers as every climber runs out every few months.  Grip strengtheners are also great for helping your friend or loved one get strong in-between climbing sessions. 

If You Are Feeling Generous With Your Rock Climbing Gifts

Bouldering mats are suitable for those looking to spend a bit more - however if you are buying for a climber who is only into rope climbing, a bouldering mat may not be top of their gifts list! 

Gifts For Rock Climbers Advice Line!

If you need any advice as to what rock climbing gifts you should buy, feel free to get in touch with us and we can help you pick something they will enjoy.  Happy shopping! 

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