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Rock Base - Liquid Chalk - 85% alcohol

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★ Why use Psychi Liquid Chalk? 

✔ Psychi liquid chalk is built by climbers for strong reliable grip. Whatever your workout or exercise, taming sweaty palms can make all the difference.

✔ We’ve formulated our liquid chalk to be ideal for climbing, bouldering, weightlifting, Crossfit, Gymnastics, Pole Dancing, Bodybuilding and many more fitness programs.

✔ Our 75% alcohol liquid chalk is longer lasting than conventional powdered chalk and provides superior grip for your exercises, in all conditions.

✔ Our fast evaporating formula quickly provides the ultimate grip for the gym or climbing wall. Allowing you to pull, lift and grip harder and faster

✔ Psychi liquid chalk is much cleaner, leaving little to no chalk residue, which is great for climbing, weightlifting or CrossFit in locations that do not tolerate chalk residue being left behind.

◆ This liquid chalk bundle includes: 1 x 50ml, 1x 100ml & 1x 200ml. 

Composition - Magnesium Carbonate (8.5%), SD Alcohol (85%), Hydropropylcellulose (2.5%), Colophonium (4%).

NEXT LEVEL GRIP: Psychi’s liquid chalk formula is designed to improve your workout with a long-lasting and super reliable grip. Stops hands sweating during strenuous exercise. Lasts longer than regular gym chalk. 

EFFICIENT CHALK FOR EVERY WORKOUT: Our clean dust-free chalk gives you grip only where you need it, making it perfect for Rock Climbing, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Yoga, Bodybuilding, Pole Dancing and any sport requiring solid grip.

FAST AND EFFECTIVE: Our 75% alcohol formula not only gives your great antibacterial protection, but it also dries in seconds and washes off just as quickly. Perfect for a quick hit at the gym.

LIQUID CONVENIENCE: Comes in a variety of sizes, all in re-sealable plastic bottles/tubes, which are all fully recyclable.

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