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Locking Screwgate - Belay With Safety

Our locking carabiners have been designed with safety and functionality in mind with an easy-operate screwgate locking mechanism, keylock feature and lightweight, ergonomic design, they provide a versatile addition to any kit bag.


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Psychi carabiners are specifically designed to be able to cope with the stress demands of climbing, and safely meet the UIAA strength ratings:

Major Axis (lengthwise): 20kN - Minor Axis: 7 kN - Open Gate: 6kN

When choosing a carabiner, you should consider the shape and style of the gate opening first. Taking note of the overall weight will also help you to choose the most practical carabiner for your needs. Rest assured that our carabiners are UIAA-rated and designed to be stronger than needed for climbing.

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