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Rope Bags

Rope bags are a key bit of kit for indoor and outdoor climbing. Ours are designed by climbers with strong construction and the ability to hold large ropes and other climbing essentials with ease. 

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Rope Bag

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The Perfect Rope Bag

If you are new to rock climbing, it's likely that you'll be using another individuals' kit, but when you feel confident enough to start managing your own ropes, we stock a wide array of climbing rope bags in a wide variety of colours.

All good rope bag should come with a ground sheet to keep your rope clean and dirt free. Both bags and buckets are there to keep your rope un-tangled, and make it easy to transport and store your rope and other climbing gear. Our climbing rope bags have adjustable back straps and top pocket for valuables. All climbing rope bags have draw string and closing buckles to keep your rope in place. All orders placed before 4pm will be dispatch same day. 

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