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How and Why Climbers Use Finger Tape

Climbing Tape in varying widths and in protective tins

At Psychi we’re all climbers and we know that a climber’s fingers and hands take a whole lot of punishment. Climbing tape, espeically zinc oxide tape, can help mitigate a lot of these problems. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re making crack climbing gloves, covering nasty bouldering flappers or supporting a dodgy tendon, good zinc oxide sports tape, while commonly associated with medical use, has definitely found it’s place in the climbing community as it has multiple properties and benefits.

So let’s explore why finger tape is important for all climbers and how you can us it to enhance your performance, provide support, and prevent injuries.

Strong Adhesive

Zinc Oxide finger tape is renowned for its superior adhesive qualities. Unlike traditional sports tape or bandages, zinc oxide tape adheres firmly to the skin and stays in place even during intense physical activity. This reliable adhesion ensures that the tape remains securely wrapped around your fingers, wrists, or hands, providing stability and support where you need it most.

Prevents Skin Injuries

One of the most common challenges climbers face is skin injuries, especially finger flappers and abrasions from hand jamming. Constant contact with coarse rock and rough holds can quickly wear down the skin on your fingers, causing painful cuts and raw fingers. In these cases finger tape acts as a barrier between skin and rock, preventing injuries from reacuring. By covering vulnerable areas, climber’s tape shields damaged skin, allowing you to climb comfortably for longer.

A climber is bouldering on a rock with climbing tape stapping on his fingers

Tendon & Ligament Support

All forms of climbing place considerable strain on your finger tendons, and ligaments. Over time, repetitive stress and high-intensity movements can lead to those dreaded pulley sprains or tendonitis, not good news for any climber. A good roll of climbing tape can give crucial support to overstrained digits. By wrapping it around your fingers, you can reinforce tendons and ligaments, minimizing the chances of overextension or strain during dynamic sessions. We all know it’s always good to keep the dyno in play ;)

Enhanced Recovery

Even the most experienced climbers face injuries, eventually strained pulleys or swollen joints are just part of the game. But that doesn’t make them any less infuriating. By applying climbing tape to injured areas, you can provide compression and support, promoting blood circulation and reducing swelling. As well as giving us a gentle reminder to be cautious, zinc oxide tape also has antibacterial and deodorant properties, keeping flappers clean and dry boosting natural recovery. 

A climber is sitting on a bouldering pad while wrapping his fingers with climbing tape

Boosted Confidence

As with most sports climbing is as much a mental game as it is physical. We always find that having the right protection boosts your confidence and gives you the psyche to push your limits without worrying about nagging niggles. For this reason good climbing tape is an essential piece of gear and lets you focus on other things, like technique or improving your endurance. 


Climbing tape is an underrated tool that can significantly improve your climbing. By adding finger tape to your climbing essentials, you can help prevent finger flappers and hand scrapes, build confidence, and climb for longer. So, before you head to your next climbing or bouldering session, don't forget to give your fingers the care and protection they deserve with this small yet mighty tool.

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