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Outdoor Bouldering Meet-Ups

Do you want to go bouldering outdoors for the first time and don't know where to start? Or maybe you're a seasoned climber, looking for a fun group to go out with? Come for a day out on the rock with us! 

Making the leap to outdoor climbing can be daunting, maybe you are unsure where to go, don’t have a bouldering pad, or just a little apprehensive. We've got it covered.

Psychi are running community outdoor bouldering sessions and everyone is welcome! We will be bringing along bouldering pads, guidebooks, plenty of psych and know-how. These days are designed to be like going out climbing with friends that can give you tips, pointers and accompany you in new adventures.

Still unsure? Feel free to drop us an email or a message on our social media with any questions you have. The more the merrier!

Other Information


Please be aware this is a free bouldering meet up. Psychi are not responsible for any injury or accident that may occur during the meet up. Participation is at your own risk & discretion!

Any Questions?


Phone: 0161 427 3466

Address: Psychi
, Unit 2+3
 Pennine View Estate
, Marple
, SK6 7JW, 

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