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OUR ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY COMMITMENT. At Psychi we have a passion for the big blue playground we call home. Without a healthy and diverse planet, many of the places and pursuits we live for will be a thing of the past. That's why we're addressing the challenges our planet is facing head on. We want to be part of a movement striving to keep our planet cool, healthy and plastic free for generations to come. Part of that commitment is transparancy. We want to keep you up to date on the progress we're making and the steps we're taking to mitigate any damage already done. 
PLASTIC. It was a team bouldering trip to the west coast of Scotland three years ago where we first came face to face with the amount of plastic washing up on even the remotest of beaches. It really opened our eyes to the impact our use of disposable plastic is having on the planet's delicate ecosystems. Needless to say the experience really galvanised our commitment to take an aggressive stance against plastic. It's meant a lot of change, and a lot of investment for us, but now three years down the line we're really starting to realise our plastic free ambitions. But don’t take just our word for it.. Here’s how! ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGING.
PAPER PACKAGING  Biodegradable mail is a step we’re really proud of making. But for the majority of our product packaging we’re trying to go one better with compostable and recyclable cardboard. All of our brushes and nut key removers already have this cardboard packaging, so we decided to go further and roll out similar packaging for as many products as possible, all replacing plastic. Obviously we do have some current stock with plastic packaging, which we are working through. But we have drawn a line under this and we're really close to running out! All our new stock of; chalk bags, rope bags, carabiners and slacklines will be packaged in simple brown paper, which can easily be recycled or composted. But it’s not just product packaging we’re getting rid of. We’ve also swapped all of our bubble wrap and sticky tape to brown paper alternatives! RECYCLING!  Given all this talk about our recyclable packaging it would be pretty rich of us to expect everyone to recylce our packaging responsably without having our own house in order. We make sure that all of our business
WORLDWIDE REFORESTATION. Reforestation is widely understood as a major natural climate solution. As a company of keen outdoorists we can’t even begin to comprehend what life would be like without trees. So we’re fighting back! As part of our partnership with Ecologi, we now plant one tree for every single order through our website! You can check out our progress with this handy tree counter, which you can also find on our home page!
WHATS' NEXT? So this is where we’re up to. We’ve made some great progress, ridding ourselves of plastic, funding worldwide ecological projects and planting trees. But there is always more to be done and we’re not getting complacent! Here’s a few ideas we’ve got cooking to make  for an even greener  future! SUSTAINABLE SUPPLIERS!  One of our major goals for the next couple of years is to do a thorough audit of all of our suppliers. We’ll be doing a clean sweep to make sure that from factory to doorstep our products are being produced without damaging the environment. We’ll also be looking
at the location of our suppliers, turning to more local production and cutting out international freight where possible.  SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS!  As Psychi grows we want to make sure we’re not taking up any practices which negatively impact the environment. This ethos is at the heart of all our future plans, from brush bristle to chalk bag zip we’re heading in a sustainable and green direction. One of the main areas we want to focus on is the materials in our products. We’ll be investing in sustainable and, more importantly, natural components, such as bamboo and hemp. This would mean that once you’re done with a chalk bag, and need a new one, it can just be composted or recycled, with no harm done to our precious ecosystems.  Aand we're done, props to you for reading through!

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