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OG Dual Fold Bouldering Pad

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Renowned For A Reason

Psychi OG Pads are designed by experienced boulderers. Open and closed-cell, high-density foam provides steadfast protection even from high ball falls. Shoulder straps make the approach a breeze, and our nifty velcro strips allow pads to be connected without creating dangerous gaps.


Reliable Protection

Psychi bouldering mats have been engineered by experienced boulderers and provide thick and firm fall protection capable of absorbing high ball impacts. The pad is constructed with a combination of closed and open-cell high-density foam giving a firm cushioned landing, even from high balls. 

Tough As Nails

Built with ultra hard-wearing material cover OG pads are more than equal to the repeated beating from the crag.

Lightweight & Easy To Carry

Weighing only 4.5 kilograms. The pad features adjustable padded shoulder straps making it a breeze to carry on the approach. When folded the crash pad is secured with lightweight aluminium buckles to keep it folded when on the move.

Extended Fall Zone

Our nifty velcro strips allow you to connect Psychi pads together without forming cracks in between, giving you a safer and larger fall area.



120cm x 90cm x 12.5cm unfolded.


60cm x 90cm x 25cm when folded.


4.5 kilograms

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