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Climbing Brush Bundle

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Psychi Brush Bundle

Our brush bundle includes; Large Boar Hair Brush, Black Dual Sided Brush & Small Boar Hair Brush.

At the crag or your local climbing centre, brushing your holds can make a huge difference to your climbing. Whether outdoor rock climbing or indoor bouldering, a good brush can be the reason you finally stick a move. Chalk can get caked on, especially at indoor climbing centres, and become quite slippery. Not exactly ideal when you're trying your hardest.


All our boar brushes are made in the UK using ethically sourced bristles.


Our brush bundle gives you a brush for every eventuality. The boar hair brushes effectively remove chalk from holds, whilst still being gentle enough to not damage soft outdoor rock such as Sandstone and Grit. The large boar hair brush covers a large area to clean large holds quickly, whilst the small boar hair brush allows you to get into smaller cracks. The black, dual sided brush is the smallest of them all, for brushing chalk off the smallest of holds. 

All of our brushes are high quality and made to last. With our climbing brush bundle, improving your grip has never been easier.


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