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Introduction to Navigation Course (2 Day)

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Our Introduction to Navigation course is our most comprehensive map reading course. Aimed at those with either limited or no previous experience. We will spend the 2 days developing navigational techniques that will give you the confidence to head out on your own adventures.



Designed to equip participants with the knowledge to confidently navigate, and interpret maps in various outdoor environments. Whether you're a keen hill walker, or fell runner or want to get into outdoor education, this course will enhance your ability to navigate effectively, plan routes, and make informed decisions while exploring the great outdoors.


  • Map orientation and understanding: Learn how to read different types of maps, interpret symbols, and understand contour lines to visualize the terrain accurately.
  • Compass navigation: Master the use of a compass for taking bearings, determining directions, and micro navigation.
  • Route planning and navigation techniques: Develop skills in route planning, utilizing grid references, and navigating with various techniques such as walking on a bearing, hand railing, and aiming off.
  • Landmarks and natural features: Identify and utilize prominent landmarks, natural features, and topographical clues to navigate effectively and locate yourself on a map.
  • Understanding scales and distances: Gain proficiency in measuring distances on a map and converting them to real-world distances to estimate travel times and plan routes accordingly.
  • Navigation in challenging conditions: Learn how to navigate in low visibility, at night, and in adverse weather conditions using specialized techniques and tools.


This course is open to individuals of all experience levels who have an interest in developing their map reading and navigation skills.

Participants should have a basic level of fitness as some practical exercises will involve outdoor navigation in upland terrains.

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a supervising adult.


  • Sensible outdoor clothing including walking boots and waterproofs.
  • Food & Drink.
  • Maps and Compasses will be provided (you can bring your own if you have them).

A full kit list will be sent at the time of booking.


Two full days.

10 am - 4 pm each day.

You will need to organise your own overnight accommodation if travelling for the course.


Peak District based but this can be flexible depending on your time of booking. Please enquire about Wales/Lake District or further afield.

(The exact meeting location will be given at the time of booking).

You will need to organise your own overnight accommodation if travelling for the course.

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