Psychi provides athletes with the products that let them perform without limits.

About Us

Psychi is a UK based climbing & fitness brand brought to life by a team of adventure sports enthusiasts, which makes us perfectly suited to providing for our customers needs as we are passionate about designing the best products at affordable prices. We are recognised for our outstanding approach to customer service.

Based in the Peak District with a growing customer based both in the UK, Europe, and worldwide. We currently have 17 athletes under our sponsorship including 6 on the British Climbing Team and Para Climbing Team.

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Our Range

We offer a climbing essentials range which covers all the basic climbing and bouldering accessories, this includes the largest variety of chalk products in the UK. We regularly have fantastic feedback from our loyal customer base and from our sponsored athletes, throughout the ever expanding sports and fitness arenas.

Our Service

All of our products are designed in the UK and tested by experienced athletes whose core values of quality, performance and design are at the heart of our business. We are dedicated to supplying superior products at affordable prices which allow athletes to push themselves limitlessly towards their goals.

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