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Here at Psychi, we know that climbing attracts a large amount of enthusiasts for different reasons. For some, simple indoor climbing at a climbing centre is a great way to rid themselves of work stress. For others, outdoor climbing can be a wonderful escape into the countryside and keep fit. For others still, it can be a vocation that they think about day and night and wish to do professionally as a sport or speed climber.

To enjoy any of these pursuits, however, you need to make sure you have the right rock climbing gear - and that's where we come in.

We stock a phenomenal range of specialist rock-climbing equipment including climbing axes, crampons, rock brushes, and nut-remover tools. All of our rock cimbing gear has been developed over many years using feedback from both professionals and customers alike, continually improving them whenever possible. And the best part is, unlike many famous brands - you don't have to re-mortgage your house to afford them.

Rock climbing is a great way to keep your muscles strong as you age, but it's only fun if you're able to keep safe, so we always advice that anyone new to the sport discusses their plans and equipment needs with a professional first.

As you are here already, why not also check out our climbing t shirts, rope bags, crash pads, chalk bags, finger tape,  and our very own range of climbing chalk

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Rope ProtectorRope Protector

Rope Protector

Slackline - 15m - PsychiSlackline - 15m - Psychi

Slackline - 15m - Psychi

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Rock Brush - Wooden Boar Hair BrushRock Brush - Wooden Boar Hair Brush

Rock Brush - Wooden Boar Hair Brush

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Nut Remover ToolNut Remover Tool

Nut Remover Tool

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Psychi Bouldering Brush BundlePsychi Bouldering Brush Bundle

Psychi Bouldering Brush Bundle

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Winter Walking Axe

Winter Walking Axe


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