Recycled Chalk Bags

Introducing the Psychi Ragbag Chalk Bag

The Ragbag range of chalk bags and buckets is 100% handmade from a mix of recycled materials! From old jeans, jackets, broken chalk bags, and worn-out duffle bags, every single chalk bag or bucket is individually handmade and no two are the same, you will be getting a completely unique item!
Climbing centers often end up collecting a fair amount of clothing and chalk bags that get leftover and forgotten about after a session on the wall. Unfortunately, the lost property can often end up finding its way to a landfill site or be too scruffy to be sold on at a charity shop.
To curtail all this waste we decided to team up with our friends at Dirtbags Climbing to save all this spare material from landfill and give it all a new lease of life!
Dirtbags specialize in upcycling old clothing and accessories and share our ethos for sustainability. When we approached them with the idea for our Ragbag range they were instantly on board and excited to help out.
Please be aware that the products may differ ever so slightly from the web images.
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