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Abyss Bouldering Bucket

Colour: Magenta
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Designed by climbers with over 20 years of experience the Abyss bucket features multiple pockets for climbing accessories & phones. Built for toughness the bucket has a sturdy broad base, double top closure and fleece line inner to prevent climbing chalk from spilling.


Wide padded base

A wide and solid square base keeps the Abyss bucket upright, preventing chalk spills, even on wobbly crash mats

Secure Pockets

Both zip closure and velcro closure pockets keep your finger tape and other accessories secure. Large front pouch capable of holding any phone and a mesh side pouch for other climbing accessories

Wide secure opening

Wide opening makes chalking up easy. A drawstring closure reinforced with two popper studs  keeps your climbing chalk in the bucket

Brush Holder

Flexible elastic loop to keep climbing brushes safe  

Grab Handle

Tough grab handle for easy transport

Hard Wearing

Made from hard-wearing Nylon, the Abyss bucket can handle scuffs and scrapes from the crag

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