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2.5cm Climbing Finger Tape

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Trusted Protection

Climber’s fingers take a beating, and all climbers can get broken skin and strained finger tendons. Our 2.5cm climbing finger tape covers and protects broken finger skin and helps bolster nasty pullies. Read our finger tape guide for more information.



Our 2.5cm wide finger tape gives excellent coverage and support for those finger flappers and damaged climbing hand tendons. 

Easy Tear

Pscyhi climber finger tape is made with cotton and is latex free, making it easy to tear into the perfect size and length while still having just enough stretch to give climber’s fingers super strong protection.

Protects Skin

The Zinc oxide in our sports tape keeps skin tears clean and safe from extra damage or irritation. 

Long Lasting Finger Protection

All our finger tape comes at 10m in length in a recyclable tin, keeping the tape clean, fresh and much longer lasting. Perfect for storing finger tape in your chalk bag.

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