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4.8cm Climbing Finger Tape

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It’s no secret that a climber’s hands take a fair amount of damage, and never more so than with crack climbing. Without proper protection, a crack climber’s hands would be ripped to shreds. Our 4.8cm climbing finger tape protects skin from damage and helps support pulled muscles.


Broad Support

Ideal for larger areas requiring protection our 5cm wide climber tape provides strong wide coverage for the hands, wrists and important climbing muscles, while protecting your skin, from scrapes and tears.

Easy Tear

Pscyhi finger sport tape is totally latex-free and made with cotton, allowing you to easily tear into any size while still being stretchy enough to provide solid protection and support for climbing hands.

Protects Skin

The gentle combination of Zinc oxide and cotton in our finger tape keeps skin tears covered and protected from irritation and allergies. 

Long Lasting Finger Protection

All of our climbing finger tapes come in a recyclable tin, keeping the tape fresh, clean and longer lasting. It also makes storing your finger tape in your climbing bag easier. 

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