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Multi Discipline Climbing Course (1 Day)

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The Multi-Discipline Climbing Course is ideal for those wanting to venture out onto rock for the first time and have a taste of both rope climbing and bouldering. Making the transition from indoor climbing to outdoor can be daunting, not knowing where to go, how to fix ropes or not owning the kit required. Well, we are here to help, our qualified instructors will give you a tour of some of the best climbing the peak district has to offer and allow you to climb at whatever grade you feel confident at. We will spend half the day on ropes and half the day bouldering.




Course Details:

  • Half the day will be spent rope climbing and half the day spent bouldering.
  • Outdoor ethics and environmental awareness: Introduce you to the ethics of outdoor climbing, the countryside code and the protection of the national park.
  • Climbing techniques: Master basic climbing techniques such as handholds, body positioning, and balance to enhance your climbing abilities.
  • Climbing Equipment: Talk you through different climbing equipment such as belay devices, harnesses, ropes and guide books and Bouldering pads.
  • Rope Work: Teach you how to tie into a rope, belaying a climber, coiling a rope and some other useful knots.
  • We offer discounts for full group bookings. Please get in touch for full group bookings and bespoke sessions.


The Multi Discipline Climbing Course does not require any previous experience . If you have climbed before and own climbing shoes and chalk, then please bring them along. We will supply harnesses, helmets, ropes, belay devices and bouldering pads.

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