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Night Navigation Course (4 Hour)

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Our Night Navigation course is for those looking to gain experience in navigating at night or in low visability conditions, a key skill for any competent map reader. Some previous map reading experience is required.



The Night Navigation Course is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required for navigating effectively in low visibility and night-time conditions. This night time course focuses on enhancing map reading abilities and developing proficiency in using navigation tools and techniques specifically tailored for harsh conditions. Participants will gain confidence in interpreting topographic maps, understanding terrain features, and utilising compasses and other navigation aids to navigate successfully during low visibility conditions.

Course Details:

During the Night Navigation Course, participants will cover the following key areas:

  • Introduction to night navigation principles and challenges.
  • Techniques for interpreting terrain features and contour lines in low-visibility conditions.
  • Utilising compass skills for accurate night navigation.
  • Strategies for planning and executing night routes.
  • Practical exercises and simulations for hands-on experience in night navigation.
  • Emergency procedures and safety considerations for nighttime conditions.
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This course is suitable for all outdoor enthusiasts who wish to enhance their night navigation skills. Participants should have a basic understanding of map reading and compass use, as well as some prior experience in outdoor navigation. Whether you are an experienced navigator looking to expand your capabilities or someone seeking to acquire fundamental night navigation skills for a leadership award, this course offers valuable insights and practical training to improve your ability to navigate effectively in low visibility environments.

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