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Peak Climbing Bundle

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Our Peak Chalk Bag bundle contains everything a climber needs, a ball, wooden boar hair brush and a selection of Peak Chalk Bag colours.


Peak Chalk Bag

Wide Secure Opening

A wide opening makes chalking up easy, while the drawstring closure prevents climbing chalk from falling out

Waist Strap

A 43-inch long adjustable waist strap comfortably keeps your chalk right by your side

Secure Zip Pocket

A rear zip closure pocket to keep your climbing accessories and keys safe

Brush Holder

A built-in climbing brush holder

Reduce Chalk Dust

The inner chalk pouch is fleece lined to catch excess chalk dust



Sturdy wooden handle much longer-lasting than plastic, plus it's sustainable & biodegradable.

Boar Hairs?

All the bristles we use are a byproduct of the meat industry and would otherwise go unused. We like to think that we are helping to use materials that would be thrown away while creating a brush that is durable and long-lasting and doesn't damage the rock.

Chalk Ball

Pure Chalk

Our chalk balls contain 56 grams of our ultimate grip magnesium carbonate, with no additives or bulking agents.

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