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Refill Chalk Bundle

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Psychi's Rock Refillable Chalk Ball is your number one choice for climbers who train hard and up through the grades! It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor climbing and fits perfectly into your Psychi chalk bag. This chalk ball can be used as a drying agent to remove sweat and moisture away your hands and palms. This means that you can perform better with a superior grip. To apply, squeeze the ball in your palms and you will notice chalk releases the right amount. The ball features a discreet toggle closure so the ball can be easily refilled once empty.

Psychi's high-performance magnesium carbonate. Our bags come in a handy resealable bag for spill free storage. The loose chalk ensures maximum grip in any situation to ensure a strong performance on your local wall or out on the rock.

The product is engineered to dramatically reduce sweat and calluses. You can easily transfer the chalk to chalk bags and bouldering buckets.

Psychi Rock Powder chalk is also perfectly suited to other activities such as Weight Lifting, Gymnastics and Pole Dancing.


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