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Chalk Bundle

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- Pack Includes: Chalk Ball, 100ml Liquid Chalk and 100g Loose Chalk.

- Ideal for all sports requiring a reliable, strong grip.

- Improves grip strength.

- Instructions: Shake Liquid Chalk well before use!

The Psychi Chalk Bundle includes a Chalk Ball, 100ml Liquid Chalk & 100g Loose Chalk. It is ideal for anyone attempting to battle sweaty palms when performing both on indoor and outdoor walls. The liquid chalk lasts longer than conventional powdered chalk and provides excellent grip in all conditions, reducing the need for reapplication and ultimately, allowing you to perform better for longer. The Chalk Ball and Loose Chalk is ideal for crumbling down into chalk bags. One perk of the Loose Chalk is that it is stored in a resealable bag. The bag will prevent you from spilling or wasting your chalk and the chalk can be easily transported. The Chalk Bundle is not just used for Climbing, other activities like Weight Lifting, Gymnastics and Pole Dancing can all benefit from Liquid Chalk.



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