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Hunting around for good gifts for climbers can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not a rock climber yourself. Like a lot of sports, there are different disciplines, conflicting opinions, and personal preferences to take into account. That’s why we’ve put together our climbing gift-buying guide

Climbing Essentials

With such a huge variety of climbing equipment, and differing gear designed for various climbing niches, picking something that all climbers use is a safe bet if you’re unsure. Sustainable chalk, brushes or skin repair balm are firm favourites with climbers and make the perfect stocking filler, or keep it simple with a gift bundle that ticks all the boxes. Check out the collection below for all the climbing essentials.

Narrowing it down

First, find out if the person you have in mind is a boulderer or climbs on a rope, as both disciplines need different kit. A rope climber won’t use a chalk bucket intended for bouldering, for example, they’d use a chalk bag with a waist strap instead.

We don't recommend buying safety equipment like helmets and harnesses, as they must fit correctly for safety. So unless you’re 100% sure of their size, it's best to avoid these. 

Once you’ve found their favourite type of climbing, you can narrow down your choice of gift.  We’ve created some tailored collections below that’ll help you choose the perfect gift and give you some ideas for climbing stocking fillers!

If you know the climber you're buying for prefers bouldering at an indoor climbing centre, then the collection below is for them! Indoor boulderers use chalk buckets rather than waist strap bags, as they aren't climbing high enough to take their climbing chalk with them. Funky and functional buckets, climbing brushes and chalk make great gifts for boulderers. Check out our RagBag chalk buckets in the collection below for a great sustainable gift that stands out!